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About Dr. Dave

PhD in Plant Genetics

Excite​ ​Your​ ​Students​ ​about​ ​Science
Dr. Dave has the unique ability to take complex scientific concepts and explain them in a simple entertaining manner. When Dr. Dave covers the audience in toilet paper to help teach them about flight they really get excited. Weaving history, geography and math into his demonstrations of scientific principles, Dr. Dave provides a well rounded program that touches on a multitude of the Educational Standards.

Who​ ​is​ ​Dr.​ ​Dave?
Dr. Dave was only 4 years old when man landed on the moon, but that event would have a huge impact on his life that has ultimately led to the Whiz Bang Science Show. The excitement of watching that moon walk and seeing all of the scientists in the control room that made it happen inspired him to be a scientist some day. Dr. Dave grew up in central Illinois and attended the University of Illinois, receiving his PhD in Plant Genetics in 1994. Dr. Dave moved to Ohio to work for the Ohio State University as a soybean geneticist. It is there that he began to perform scientific demonstrations.

Dr. Dave’s true love is working with children and getting them excited about science. Beginning in 1998 with a Magic of Soybeans show and DNA Extraction from Onions, Dr. Dave began honing his skills at making science fun and understandable. In 2003 he performed his first Whiz Bang Science Show at OSU’s Wooster campus open house. These proved so popular that he was asked to perform the show at the Wayne County Fair, OSU Bug’s World and Science of Agriculture open houses. Dr. Dave has performed over 600 shows for over 50,000 people. These audiences range from school assemblies, after-school programs, library events, Vacation Bible Schools, conventions, campgrounds, birthday parties to full production stage shows.

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