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Our Shows

Van Wert CF egg in bottle.jpg

States of Matter:
Solids, Liquids and 

Learn how atoms come together to form different states of matter.

Van Wert CF teen Beach ball.jpg

Amazing Power
of Air Pressure

Levitate balls, crush cans, and much more in this exciting show.

Northwestern Outdoor Ed ball explosion.jpg

Build a Better World: 

Learn some basic principles of engineering and go through a brainstorming excercise.

Singing Rod.jpg

The Science of Sound

Learn about the nature of sound and how sound moves through our environment.

CHAB Fest Coke and Mentos (1).jpg

CO2:  What CanYou Do?

Learn about carbon dioxide and how it only exists as a solid and gas on the earth's surface.

Library Moon Landing reading book on back.jpg

Moon Landing

Relive the 1969 Moon landing while learning some scientific concepts.

OSU dropped watermelon.jpg

Science of Sports

Learn why it is necessary to use the correct ball for each sport. A watermelon will help us see how a helmet protects your head.

pummell home prepping egg rocket.jpg

Blast Off with Rockets

Learn how rockets were developed and the scientific principles that make them work. A great outdoor show!

Secrest Arboretum egg on head.jpg

Eggstreme Fun

Learn about the life cycle and many lessons of physics with the egg as the star of the show. A great outdoor show as it a bit messy.

McKinley ES Degloving a rat.jpg

Dr. Dave Tells
Tales of Tails

A fun, playful show that will teach you how animals use their tails.

Bloomfield sink or float.jpg

Dr. Dave Sails the
Seven Seas

As we visit seven lakes, seas, and oceans, we will learn about water

Mt. Hope ES Clown!!.jpg

Under the Big Top: Science in the Circus

We focus on the physics behind the awesome stunts performed by the circus entertainers.

George Coon Eclipse.jpg

Great American Eclipse

Learn about eclipses and the history and science around them.

fishing WB.jpg

Adventure in the Woods with Dr. Dave

Dr. Dave will look at the science behind survival.


Custom Show

Dr. Dave can create a show to fit your theme.

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